What I Like Best! My INSTRUCTOR and my Classmates

I guess as the class is soon to end I have to reflect on what I have enjoyed most. 

I think the most memorable things are Dr. Frye’s enthusiasm and never ending book supply.  I only wish for all elementary teachers be exposed to these wonderful lessons and ideas.

What have I learned?   I have always loved poetry and enjoy reading and teaching it; but now I think I am much more prepared to excite students about poetry and the many different forms of poetry.  I don’t think I will just teach poetry any more and I will certainly integrate across curriculum.  The multigenre project and books have enlightened me in that I can mix and match and have a most wonderful creation of writing.  I think memoirs are probably my least favorite and I am not really sure why.  I suppose you can’t like everything.

I have certainly enjoyed my fellow classmates/teachers.  I have gained ideas, activities, and methods for teaching from each individual.  You have all made my experiences of going back to class exciting and I really cannot wait to share all the things I have learned from each of you,  

You did not make me feel technologically stupid even though I really am.  I would really like to be as young as most of you are and be able to teach in years to come.  I think you will all experience so many wonderful, new, innovative ideas.  Future children will be very intelligent thanks to teachers like you.

I also want to acknowledge the sincere beliefs Drew exhibits in his faith.  He demonstrated it in every task he undertook. 

All of you are special and I  hope to share classes with you again.

Thanks to all of you!!


Shortcut, By: Donald Crews

Again, I love the book.  Maybe I just need to always read books of this level. 

The story is so vivid.  I can see these children on this railroad track and I can hear the voices of excitement.  I can just imagine how their hearts are beating at first with the feelings of excitement and the knowing of doing something so risky.  Next, I can hear their hearts beating because of the fear of being on the track with a train heading straight for them with no place to go.  I can hear the feet running, the hearts beating, and yet not a spoken word followed this most frightening experience.  I also noticed not one child blamed the other for this adventure.  The illustrations would be enough to tell this story.  It could almost be a wordless picture book and the story would be told.  I read this to my class as I always do.

to dance, By Siena Cherson Siegel

I have never really enjoyed or though I would enjoy reading this type of novel.  Actually this is the first I have every read a book written in this style.  I see this style too busy, therefore a turn-off.  I am wrong again, imagine that!!!   I really enjoyed the book.  Once I started I could not stop.  I enjoyed the format and the many pictures.  I like the way the author tells the story of how the dream of a little girl came true.  I could sense the determination, and the spirt this little girl possessed.  I think the only thing left unanswered was ‘what was the reason for the divorce of the parents?’  Did the mother focus so much on the ballerina daughter that the father had been excluded?   I will not require this book to be read by my students as I have so many of the others I have read as a result of this class.  This is an AR Test book, I took the test and now I have .5 points.  How small this score is compared to the insight of the novel.

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, By: Patricia Polacco

This is one of the most realistic ‘stories’ I have read.  To think that most children with older siblings have undoubtedly had to deal with these types of events and feelings.  The pictures on the inside cover of Richie and mom and me are an interesting intro to this book.  Next, the illustrations are comical yet very appropriate for this story.  I always look at the pictures of most short books to try and determine what the story is about.  I would not have predicted some of the story but I would have been close in other areas.  Richie is the typical brother and the way Bubbie relates to the children is both touching and natural.  The ending is wonderful in that most siblings arrive at this conclusion at some point in their life.  Another thing I like is the story is not “musshy.”

I AM– From the prospective of the Statue of Liberty

I am the symbol of freedom and liberty for all.

I wonder how many have seen my lamp as they enter the harbor I oversee.

I hear their gasp and their sighs of relief.

I see the planes and the ships filled with proud people in awe.

I want everyone to feel welcome, and free, and equal.

I am the symbol of freedom and liberty for all.


I pretend I can talk and I verbally welcome them all.

I feel their relief, their excitement, and their pride.

I touch them as they ascend to my crown and descend again to the ground.

I worry this land I so carefully watch might lose sight of the reason for me.

I cry at the thought of my torch growing dim.

I am the symbol of freedom and liberty for all.


I understand the great dilemma we are in.

I say, “Believe in and demand the rights your forefathers gave.”

I dream and believe we as a country will remain strong and free.

I try to guide each newcomer toward believe in the American Dream.

I hope I shall always enlighten this great land.

I am the symbol of freedom and liberty for all.

My Topic of Interest

I am really excited about the project.  I think it will be fun, interesting, and very challenging.  I love a good challenge!   I am also looking forward to seeing each of your projects and the diverse topics.  I think we should all have fun with this.  

I am not bubbling with excitement because I cannot chose so PLEASE help.   I am torn between —North Carolina Tarheel Basketball———Cemeteries in Yancey County——-My Personal Family History/Tree ——or My last choice –The history of the Quilts during the era of slavery. 

I would appreciate help from all you.  I have difficult deciding between the above because NC Baskeball would be for my personal enjoyment.  Cemeteries because they interest me( or should I say are mysterious and at the same time a unique piece of history).  Family tree because it is personal yet informative to only me.  Last the quilts because it would apply more for my students.  If no one helps me determine which would be more enjoyable and fun then I will chose the NC Basketball.   Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Free Verse Poem (shape of a tree)

                                                                       Deep in the

                                                                    Rain Forest, lush

                                                                  and green.  There are

                                                              many things unseen.  Lots

                                                           of creatures lay unfound.  Some

                                                        are even underground.  Way up high

                                                     above the trees, this is called the canopy.

                                                   There are birds above your head.  But they’re

                                                 not the kind that fly over your shed.  So when you

                                              walk in the Rain Forest.  Look around.  There are many